es·se | \ ‘ese \

Definiton of ESSE

  • Actual being / To be;
  • Essence.

The equilibrium between life and time is only conceded by the most exquisite grace: the present. And those who celebrate the ESSE of life, realize the great significance of the here & now.

The powerful –almost hypnotic– spirit of the Baja lifestyle, translates the ESSE as the awakening of all the senses to allow instant moments reshape into infinite memories.

“We were fishing back then, when your dad fell down, he started laughing so hard, everyone joined the laughter, all of a sudden, a whale and her calf breached out, almost as if they’ve heard us laughing and wanted to share that moment with us, it was breathtaking. That day I’ll never forget…”

The beauty of understanding the relationship shared by all who belong to this conspicuous place, in this precise moment, is the truthful meaning of the ESSE.